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Pérez Celis was born in Buenos Aires in 1939.

He had many individual and group exhibitions in various parts of the world, (Latin America, USA, Canada, Europe and Japan).

His works can be admired in important private collections in National and International Museums and Galleries, (Museum of Modern Art Bs. As., New York, etc). He has been awarded the Order of the Sun in degree of Comendador by the Peruvian government (Belaunde Terry).

Pérez Celis, Portrait
Various public works, murals and sculptures in the University of Morón, University of Belgrano, Mercedes Benz (Japan), Boca Juniors Stadium Bs.As., Patio de Madera (Rosario) and Fortabat Building express his multifacetic aesthetics.
He has lectured in schools, institutions and universities around the continent.

There are numerous publications about his work in different languages in America, Europe, and Japan. There are books about his work written by Gaston Diehl, Rafael Squirru, Ted Castle, Peter Frank.

More recently, Pérez Celis illustrated Walt Whitman's "Leaves of Grass", translated by Jorge Luis Borges and published by Juarez Editor. Finally, "Pérez Celis" by Susan C. Larsen and Renato Rita was also published last year by Planeta.

He has obtained prizes and distinctions; among them, the Prize of the Jury of Montecarlo, and the prize to the trajectory of A.D.D. and D in Buenos Aires.
As participative work with children and the public, the Mega Exhibition held at the National Library in Buenos Aires exceeded all expectations.

The artist has lived and worked in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Lima, Caracas, Paris, New York and is living in Miami at the present time.

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