"I behold the picturesque giant and love him, and I"
Walt Whitman
"Song of Myself" (Stanza 13), 1855

The art of Pérez Celis is mature, humanistic, alive to the artistic and political time and truly international not merely because lived in many countries and understood and his artistic language carries with it the visual structures, the enculturated meanings, the inner rhythms of a world stretching from his to Bolivia, Peru and many other countries of to Central America, the European art capital vital North American centers of New York and world is broad, inter-connected, full of the ideas and forms first glimpsed in the vast and heat of his native Argentina, then shaped by his immersion in the abstract structural international modern art. In his work of the Celis' art has been truly set free by the character to give voice to a grandeur arising life experiences while testifying to a larger transcending personality, place and nationality.

To watch him at work in immediately sense the fearlessness, and the his artistic enterprise. Celis' appreciation world finds expression in an intensely tactile, textured, layered, lovingly crafted, brusquely ruptured, patiently restored surface whose inner complexities are immediately sensed by the audience. Like the surfaces of living creatures and natural landscapes, the planes of Celis' paintings bear the marks and rough scars and lush, smooth passages he has evolved in the process of their creation.
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